About Us

As members of the coffee community and industry, myself and my co-founder have spent time at many different types of coffee shops and have noticed the difference between handcrafted high quality syrups and the syrup from nationwide brands. We want every coffee shop to have the ability to serve the customers the highest quality drinks and to do so they will need better syrup. With this in mind, our goal is simple, we aim to provide coffee shops all around the nation with craft quality syrup that they can be proud of serving in their drinks. 

Our story starts in 2019 when our founder Hayden Swearengin experimented with creating simple syrups to use at the coffee shop he worked at. With the enthusiasm of friends, Hayden's idea was transformed from into a business. Through much adversity, Loyalhood has continued to gain popularity and has expanded into shops locally and around Texas.

The image below is of one of our founders Hayden beyond excited to finally make his dream into a reality. 

Our other founder, Sean Reid, has also spent his fair share of time in the coffee scene with over six years as a barista. While attending Baylor University, Sean and Hayden joined forces in order to take Loyalhood to the next level.